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MELT-AWAY: Cleansing Balm

MELT-AWAY: Cleansing Balm

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Suitable for: All Skin types.

Skin Concerns: Sensitive, Acne + Clogged Skin. Great for removing make-up + sunscreen.

Cleansing your face is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. But if you're using a harsh cleanser or makeup wipes, you only make matters worse.

This cleansing balm is all-natural, plant-based, and silicone-free. It's formulated to be gentle on your skin while still effectively removing makeup, sunscreen, dirt and excess oil. Its unique formulation will not clog your skin, cause breakouts, all while also removing waterproof makeup and red lipstick.



Full List of Ingredients:
Black Currant Oil, Tamanu Oil, Safflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Cetearyl Olivate & Sorbitan Olivate (Ecocert), Glycerin


“An essential step I often emphasize to my facial clients is the removal of sunscreen and makeup to prevent pore blockage, which can contribute to acne. While many cleansing balms can leave behind a residue, I aimed to create an innovative product that avoids using silicones, ensuring the balm can be easily rinsed off without any lingering residue.”

-Facialist & Formulator,
Diana Vo


On dry skin massage in circular motions to remove makeup and sunscreen. Double cleanse with Rise & Shine Cleanser or a regular cleanser.


• How long does this product last? Each jar lasts 3-4 months
• Who can use this? Everyone can use this gentle cleanser.
• Can I breakout from this product? You may experience breakouts if you don’t properly remove the oil cleanser. • Make sure you double cleanse or sometimes a triple cleanse to remove all residues. This is a heavy oil product so be sure to cleanse very well.
• Can I use while I’m pregnant? Yes, you can. All VO products are pregnancy-safe.

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