Skin-loving Formulations

At VO, we are firm believers that radiant skin thrives on balance.

Say goodbye to dull, breakout-prone, irritated, or dry skin. Our focus is not just on the abundance of active ingredients or an extensive ingredient list; it's about the strategic delivery of these actives and formulations to your skin.

We ensure optimal absorption, working in harmony with your skin's pH to achieve balance, protection, and repair – setting us apart in the skincare space.

A holistic approach to skincare is our foundation, with products carefully crafted by Facialist Diana Vo in Toronto.

A Note From Diana

"As the Founder, Facialist and product formulator of VO Beauty, I believe that quality should never be compromised. That's why I made the strategic decision to develop and manufacture all of our products in-house. By doing so, I have complete control over the ingredients that go into each and every formulation, ensuring that only the finest and highest quality materials are used."

Our Promise

We go above and beyond to create products of outstanding quality. Our dedicated team strictly adheres to stringent guidelines throughout the production process, ensuring unwavering consistency and excellence.

From precise measurements to meticulous mixing, filling, and packaging, every detail receives thorough attention. This steadfast commitment ensures that each product we deliver to you is refined to perfection, promising you the best experience possible.

Bee The Change

Bees do more than make honey; they're crucial for food production by pollinating crops. From zucchini to almonds, a third of our food depends on pollinators like bumblebees, wild bees, butterflies, wasps, and flies. Over 40,000 vegetable varieties in Canada rely on these essential workers. Yet, bee decline is escalating. It's not just their crisis; it's ours too. Our lives and theirs are interconnected.

With 5% of every sale, we're buzzing alongside our friends at Bee City to save the bees and amplify awareness about these essential pollinators. Join the hive and make a difference!

  • Ingredients

    Say no to harsh toxins in beauty products! Our 100% natural, certified organic ingredients follow the EU beauty standard, avoiding 1300+ harmful chemicals. Cruelty-free always. While some top-quality ingredients come from afar, we prioritize local sourcing to reduce our carbon footprint. Beauty without compromise!

  • Packaging

    Our light-sensitive products come in amber glass jars and bottles. To reduce plastic usage, we've eliminated seals. Your products are secure, crafted in-house and packaged directly from our studio to ensure quality and safety.

  • Shipping

    Our products ship in cardboard boxes with shredded paper fillers. Soon, we'll switch to recyclable paper tape! Remember to peel off plastic shipping labels before recycling. If you're in Toronto, opt for a package-free pickup at our studio during checkout.

  • Diversity

    We're a diverse team that values inclusion, rejecting any form of racial or sexual discrimination. We celebrate both men and women, with a special emphasis on empowering women.

  • Office

    Our office is fuelled by thermoses of tea and coffee, backed by reusable straws and cutlery. Cleaning up with reusable cloths and eco-friendly cleaners, we're committed to recycling and composting! Okay, we admit, the occasional celebratory feast might arrive in single-use containers.

  • Beloved Bees

    To safeguard bee population we partner with a conscientious Ontario beekeeper for fresh, quality honey without straining bee populations. We prioritize sustainability in our collaborations.