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Vo Beauty is an all-natural artisanal skincare brand from Toronto, Canada. Formulated and hand-crafted by Diana Vo, a Holistic Facialist. 

Vo Beauty is first created to treat irritated, inflamed and sensitive skin through products that will help protect the moisture barrier of the skin.

It all started when Diana’s facial clients lamented about how irritated and inflamed their skin had become due to their skincare routine. To combat these issues, she began developing all-natural skincare products that are gentle and easy-to-use. 

Her mission was to create simple but powerful products with ingredients that will nourish & protect the skin’s moisture barrier, as well as streamlining her clients’ skincare routine.

At Vo Beauty, we are committed to protect your unique distinct skin with natural, gentle and hydrating ingredients to achieve long-lasting results. For that #VOBEAUTYGLOW, Less is More 

Vo Beauty products are made for all skin types, especially those with acne-prone and sensitive skin





Founder's story


Vo Beauty began in August 2016, when Diana Vo, a Holistic Facialist with 10 years of experience in the industry, decided to create products for her clients, to help educate and inspire their skincare ritual. 

Realizing that many of her clients used a variety of products that did not produced the results they were expected, Diana decided to take matters into her own hands.

Using all natural, gentle and hydrating ingredients, Diana created her first treatment product for her clients to nourish and protect their skin’s moisture barrier.

What began as a treatment product for her clients turned into a small business in 2016.


" As a Holistic Facialist, I believe in maintaining healthy, glowing skin by using gentle products and that less is more. I hope our products give you confidence and the #vobeautyglow that you’ve been searching for. “ 



Keep glowing,

Diana Vo

 Cruelty-free | Non-toxic | Handmade