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5 stars reviews

"I have tried a lot of sleeping masks and something that usually annoys me about them is that you can't really pair them with much else due to their ingredients. This mask however, pairs with all my pm skincare. Whether I'm using an overnight a.h.a or a retinoid/retinol...I can depend on the Sleeping Beauty mask to keep me hydrated and prevent these from drying me out overnight! I also use it anytime my skin is irritated from the sun or a peel, clears the redness right up!" @valthebeautypal

"I have tried a million products on the market that are geared towards redness, rosacia, sensitivity, the whole works. This is the first mask I’ve ever used that actually leaves my skin issues looking improved! Redness is extremely hard to target & while this mask contains exfoliant it is still gentle enough to reduce my redness and calm my sensitivity. I don’t know how it does it! A must have in my vanity for sure. "@areynoldsbeauty


We aim to bring the cause to the mainstream and to raise awareness among groups that would not usually be knowledgeable about bees and pollinators (aka the majority of the population).

We donate 1% of every sale to our friends at Bee City to support the work they're doing to save the bees.