My journey of discovering different facial techniques has led me here.

When we think of traditional facials, we are reminded of the luxurious and relaxing hour of having our face pampered. But after a few days, although our face maintains a beautiful glow we still have these tensions around the face. This sparked my path into holistic facials, a journey where I was taught to treat our body as a whole and discover relaxing techniques with essential oils to relax our mind. Yet while I practiced holistic facials for years, I felt something was still missing.

This is where the spark of curiosity of “is there more to a facial? Can facials help us relax from within…..” came about.

I was intrigued by Shiatsu and deep tissue massages as it always releases the tensions in my shoulder and lower back. While yoga challenged my mind and body, I wanted to combine my current knowledge of holistic facials with deep penetrating massages.

So the journey begins…

Introducing VO BEAUTY FACIALS, a holistic approach combining relaxing facial care with deep tissue massage for the FACE. VO BEAUTY FACIALS helps with stimulating the muscles, improving circulation and toning the muscles in your face. My techniques will provide deep facial stretches and then using gentle holistic hand movements to wake up all your muscles for a complete workout.


Specializing in:

-Lymphatic drainage (upper body- shoulders, neck and head)
-Face lifting massage
- Face workout for an instant glow
-Buccal massage
- Extractions
-Dermaplane (glass skin + oxygen spray)




Please contact Oreya Studio for all bookings.