VO BEAUTY LOCAL BUSINESS SUPPORT: Interview with Pilates instructor Nila Nadarajah

VO BEAUTY LOCAL BUSINESS SUPPORT: Interview with Pilates instructor Nila Nadarajah
1. Name and intro
My name is Nila, and I'm a Pilates instructor from Toronto.
 I spend my days working closely with people 1-on-1 who all have unique needs.  My clients range from healthy athletic people, to people who are experiencing pain, mental stress, have acute injuries, or just want to improve their posture and feel stronger. 
Whatever the case, I work to help my clients move as optimally as they can, and live in their body with more ease and comfort.  
2. How did you get into Pilates?
I fell in love with Pilates by chance. My background is in Kinesiology and dance, but I was out of work for a few months after quitting a terrible job at a physiotherapy clinic. My friend hooked me up with a job working the front desk at a Pilates studio, and so I tried a class. 
I had never done Pilates before, but I was instantly hooked. I did my training, and now I can bring together all the things that fill me up: my love for movement & biomechanics, and for helping people on their journey to connecting deeper with themselves. I've been teaching movement for years now, and it has been completely transformative.

3. What are your favourite/s Vo Beauty products and how it’s an essential in your skincare routine.
The Hydracloud Water Cream + Niacinamide is absolutely essential for me! It literally feels like a cloud on my skin. I have dry skin, and it's hard to find a moisturizing cream that does the job while being lightweight and soothing. Not to mention that niacinamide has been incredible in improving my skin's texture.  

4. Can you give us a tip for beginners?
Think of Pilates as a way of strengthening your body from the inside out. It's the small, deep muscles that help us feel put together and strong. Start with the foundations and trust the process. You will get stronger without even realizing it! If you can, find an instructor that you trust to work with 1-on-1 for best results. 
Follow Nila for more Pilates tips: 
https://www.instagram.com/pilatesjoint/ https://www.nilanadarajah.com/
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