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Due to COVID-19, I am not doing facials right now. However, during this pandemic it also sparked an idea that a virtual face workout session is actually a good thing.  The virtual face workout will give you (my facial clients), customers and everyone around the world a chance to do these exercises at home if you can't come to Toronto for a lymphatic drainage/sculpting facial.

As a holistic facialist, I believe the body as a whole and it works as one machine, every tissue, muscle and lymph are connected and plays a vital role in your everyday life.

Face workouts is just as important as a body workout. It stimulates better blood flow, de-puff, and sculpts your face.

Please note, I have curated these workouts for at-home use and is a different technique from my in-person facial. This is to keep you safe and have easy steps to follow. 


Diana Vo