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Honesty is our Policy

We're not perfect. We're still learning and we're trying and we're committed to becoming as sustainable as we can. But it's a work in progress and we want to be transparent about that progress.

Our Beloved Bees

We love the bees for pollinating our crops and providing us with the food that we eat, and for the powerful skincare ingredient that we love so much - honey. So to make sure we don't deplete our bee population, here's what we're doing.

1) We work closely with our beekeeper here in Ontario not just to ensure that our honey is always fresh, but to make sure that we're not putting a strain on the bee population. We're selective about who we work with and we chose our beekeeper just as much for their sustainable practices as for the quality of their honey.

2) We donate 5% of every sale to our friends at Bee City to support the work they're doing to protect the bees.


The harsh and toxic chemicals commonly found in beauty products aren't just bad for us, they pollute our ecosystems when they enter our waterways. And we want no part to do with that.

All of our ingredients are 100% natural and certified organic. We follow the European Union's beauty standard of avoiding 1300+ chemicals in our products. And of course, we NEVER test on animals.

Admittedly, not all of our ingredients are sourced locally. There are certain ingredients that are of a much higher quality when produced elsewhere in a more suitable environment. And we are stubborn about using the highest quality ingredients. But where all things are equal, we do source as close to home as possible to minimize our carbon footprint.


Jars & Bottles: We use amber glass containers for our light-sensitive products. We no longer use seals to minimize the use of plastic. We ensure that your products are safe because it comes directly from our studio where we fulfill and package your orders in-house.


We ship our products in cardboard boxes and use shredded paper as fillers.

We're currently switching to paper tape (after our current supply runs out), so you'll soon be able to recycle everything.

The shipping labels slapped on by the post office are plastic, however, so please remove them before recycling the packaging!

Alternatively, if you live in Toronto and want to receive your order package-free, you can arrange to pick it up directly from us at our studio (option available at checkout).


We are made up of a diverse group of women and men, so we do not tolerate any form of racial or sexual discrimination.

And while we love our men, we do love to celebrate female empowerment!


We bring our teas and coffees to the office in our thermoses and have reusable straws and cutlery in our office kitchen.

We keep the office clean with reusable cloths and non-toxic cleaners. And of course, we recycle and compost!

Confession: Sometimes to celebrate a hard day of work, we treat ourselves to some food delivery and it does come in single-use containers.