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Tone & Scuplt

Tone & Scuplt

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How it works (Please read all contra-indications before purchasing)

low blood pressure, pregnancy, cancer, Botox/fillers within 6 weeks, lymphoma, heart conditions.


All virtual face workout sessions will be hosted on ZOOM.

Face workout classes are available in Eastern Time Zone, Atlantic Time Zone, Pacific Time Zone, Central Standard Time, Mountain Standard Time, Greenwich Mean Time.

Once we receive your payment, you will receive an email confirmation to schedule a time for a face workout. A link and password will be provided once the schedule is confirmed.

All you need for any of the face workout is any face oils with no actives (AHA/BHA) and a hot towel. (optional: Manuka Glow mask, Sleeping Beauty mask)

Consistency is key: Just like working out and trying to tone areas of your body, best results are practiced everyday.



45 minutes face workout breakdown

5 minutes consultation: This will give you and I a chance to make sure you get the best face workout for your area of concerns and what you want to achieve.

3 minutes warmup: Before beginning any workout, we will to do a warmup to wake up the muscles and to create blood flow to the face. 

30 minutes of the workout you chose: Time for a face workout!!

3 minutes cool down: We will do breathing exercises and slower movements to cool down the body. (optional: gua sha, jade roller or light massage)



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