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pore perfect
purifying peel-off mask 

purify  |  peel  |  clean 

skin type: acne-prone skin, oily and combination skin. 

It dries perfect and peels off easily. Bye blackheads and dirt with every peel. Gentle enough to be used weekly. 

Directions: Mix 1 tsp of powder with 1 tsp of hot water. Apply to nose, chin and forehead. Leave on for 20 minutes until mask hardens. Peel mask edges first so it’s easier to peel the rest. Rinse off excess mask with lukewarm water.

**Face will appear red but will subside within 20 minutes.
Do not use mask on sensitive areas of the face, such as under the eyes,eyebrows area, upper lip and hairline.

Our tip: Mix and mask- use pore perfect with another mask to maximize the benefits for your skin. 

results: use weekly within 3-4 weeks to see improvements in pore size.

all natural  | Creulty-Free | Paraben-Free | 
 |  curated in Toronto, CA and London, UK  |



Key Ingredients: 

Activated Charcoal binds and pulls dirt out of pores, making them less visible.

Burdock Root is enriched with healing properties and is highly effective for combating acne-prone skin.

Kaolin Clay, gentlest of all mineral clays contains natural absorbency properties
that soak up excess oils.


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