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Introducing VO BEAUTY FACIALS, a holistic approach combining relaxing facial care with deep tissue massage for the FACE.

VO BEAUTY FACIALS helps with stimulating the muscles, improving circulation and toning the muscles in your face. My techniques will provide deep facial stretches and then using gentle holistic hand movements to wake up all your muscles for a complete workout.



Lift & Glow Facial $175.00 

The Lift & glow Facial is a 1 hour treatment which will begin with a brief consultation to determine your skin type and discuss any concerns you would like to treat .
The treatment begins with gentle cleansing of the face, neck and shoulders followed by cupping to stimulate the muscles and allow more oxygen flow. A 45 minutes massage, including lymphatic drainage, acupressure and face sculpting to tone, strengthen, soften fine lines and target your concerns. This is followed by a mask made for your skin type for 10 minutes to absorb while the hands are massaged.  The facial concludes with moisturizing face products and eye serum.


Add-on Buccal Massage TO LIFT & GLOW FACIAL  $100.00 

The Buccal massage is a 45 minutes treatment add-on to the LIFT & GLOW Facial. 

 This facial also includes massaging of the inside of your mouth to give you a natural facelift and it is completely painless. The massage will include gentle strokes and slow movements to release jaw tensions that's creating neck pain. 

(Multiple sessions available) 

KOREAN BB Glow Facial  $250.00 

Perfect for weddings and special occasions. 

The BB Glow s a 1 hour - 1 hour and 30 minutes treatment which will begin with a brief consultation to determine your skin type and color match the BB cream to your skin. 

The BBGLOW is the latest trend in Skincare technology originating for Korea. The BBGLOW treatment is a customized procedure based on skincare needs to enhance all skin types. The methods used in this treatment helps the over all health of your skin with lasting results. It helps production of Collagen, elastin and balancing the PH of your skin. It is a safe treatment the requires little to no downtime.

BB glow helps with the reduction of Acne marks and scarring, Sun/Age spots, uneven skin tone, brightening, firming and lifting, fine lines and wrinkles, under eye dark circles and hydration.

(Multiple sessions available) 

Micro-needling (TBA)



Enzyme Natural Peel $30.00 

Dermaplanning: $50.00 

Serum Nano-needling $25.00

Microdermabrasion: $100.00 



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