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About Us

Hi! I'm Diana, the formulator, facialist, and founder of Vo Beauty. But you can call me your skin friend. =)

I've been a holistic facialist for 10 years (whoa, I'm old). During that time, I've had many clients come to me with inflamed and irritated skin that was the result of damaging their moisture barrier.

I noticed that many of them had 2 things in common:

          1) They were using too many products.

          2) The products were too harsh on their skin.

My solution to #1 was to simplify their skincare routine. Use less, not more.

But when it came to #2, I couldn't find what they really needed - products that were powerful enough to nourish and protect their moisture barrier, yet gentle and hydrating enough to soothe not irritate.

So I had to create one. And then another. And another.

One by one, product after product, Vo Beauty was born.


A little bit about Vo Beauty...

    • Born August 2016 in Toronto, Canada.
    • Every single product has been created out of a concern that my facial clients had.
    • As a dog mom (his name is Tofu), I would NEVER test my products on animals.
    • I have sensitive skin so I'm always the first person I test my products on. I would never put out a product that I wouldn't use myself.
    • I like to nerd out when I formulate so I always make sure that every single product is pH balanced.
    • People always ask why we're not in large retail stores. My answer is that big isn't aways better. Staying small means I get to continue making products for my customers in small batches fresh every week, rather than having them manufactured.
    • One of my best friends is an environmentalist (the annoying kind) so I'm always trying to be as sustainable as possible and that includes how I run my business.
    • I don't believe we need to put harsh chemicals on our skin to get results. That is why I'm committed to only using clean, natural ingredients.
    • I also don't believe in trends and quick fixes. Which leads me to...


      The Vo Beauty Way

      I believe that taking care of our skin's moisture barrier is the secret to having healthy, glowing skin. And to do that, all we need is this:

                1) A simplified skincare routine that is easy to follow.

                2) Clean, natural ingredients that nourish and protect our moisture barrier.

      That's it.


      Have a question about your skin?

      Send me an email at I respond to every email.

      You can also follow me on Instagram @vo.beautyco and send me a DM.

      Let's be skin friends. =)
      - Diana Vo