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LEARN: How to use Niacinamide Hydra Cloud Cream in your routine

LEARN: How to use Niacinamide Hydra Cloud Cream in your routine

When you ask us how to mix ingredients or use a product to get the healthiest and glowing skin routine, we love it. Today's blog will feature @bellrhea_, who will show a step-by-step how to use our Niacinamide Hydra Cloud cream in your routine! 


First, what is Niacinamide and why do you want it in your routine? 

Niacinamide is an amazing ingredient to have in your skincare wardrobe to target hyperpigmentation, smooth uneven skin texture, soothe inflammation and irritations. (it's all positive reasons!


So what's the catch? 

Niacinamide percentages higher than 5% mean the worse the irritation- you know that tingly and burning feeling? That's because the strength of the Niacinamide is too high and your skin cannot handle it. 


Our Niacinamide is less than 5%, but this doesn't mean it is not effective. With a less than but still effective percentage of 5% Niacinamide, our Hydra Cloud cream can be used by everyone, even those with reactive, sensitive skin. (Don't worry, it won't leave your skin burning or feeling tingly. However, everyone is different, and it's always good to do an overnight patch test on your jawline to see if you).


Our Niacinamide Hydra Cloud cream is an oil-free, light-weight, and creamy moisturizer; you can use it twice a day in your AM and PM routine. You can mix it with serums, face oils or you can try with our Vitamin C Booster.  


Now that you know the benefits of having our Niacinamide Hydra Cloud cream part of your essentials, here's how to use it in your routine! 



Step 1: Use a pea-sized amount of the Niacinamide Hydra Cloud cream.  

All you need for the entire face is a pea-sized amount because our products absorb quickly with premium ingredients (You do not need a moisturizer with all that unnecessary ingredients you can barely pronounce). 


Step 2: Use a face oil or get that extra glow with our Vitamin C Booster. 

Add 2-3 drops of your face oil or get an extra glow with our Vitamin C Booster. Our Vitamin C Booster brightens and lightens acne scars while the Niacinamide Hydra Cloud cream targets hyperpigmentation *chef's kiss*

** If you don't want to add any face oils and prefer to layer them in your routine, you can apply the Hydra Cloud cream after your serum, and remember, you only need a pea-sized for the entire face! 


Step 3 and 4: Rub palms together and pat for better absorption. 

Rub the products together in your palms and pat your face. The patting motion also stimulates better blood flow and sometimes wakes you up (haha, I guess if you want to slap yourself a little harder). 


Complete your routine. 

Thank you for reading our blog and remember to wear sunscreen to keep your skin young and youthful! Don't worry, we will touch this subject on the next blog how to choose a sunscreen (mineral, chemical vs physical). 



Bell's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bellrhea_/

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