Ingredient focus - Magical Beans

Ingredient focus - Magical Beans

When it came to formulating our Manuka Glow mask, we worked on countless revisions and asked for feedback from our skincare community (we don’t do product testing on fluffy friends). After months of testing, we came across one feedback that changed the formulation of Manuka Glow to what it is now. Prior to the changes, Manuka Glow had everything except one factor: exfoliation. The feedback was from my good friend Mikala (@skincareaholic_), whom is also well-respected within the skincare community on Instagram. Mikala mentioned although she loves the Manuka Glow, she wanted a mask that can also exfoliate. LIGHT BULB MOMENT- we value our customers and skincare community’s suggestions so we dived right into finding the missing ingredient for Manuka Glow. 

At the time, jojoba beads and grounded apricot seeds were popular but it can be abrasive for sensitive skin. We love using old traditions and making it modern. It was the perfect choice for us to use Japanese beans. Japanese beans, a traditional remedy used by Japanese women for centuries to rejuvenate and brighten their complexion.

We wanted everyone, including Mikala to love it.  We grounded Japanese beans by hand so it was gentle enough as a mask. To create the exfoliating factor, we used science to ensure the tiny bean granules only expanded in contact with water to gently remove dead and dull skin. 


 Other reasons we chose Japanese beans: 

  1. Japanese beans sloughs and deeply cleanses the skin. Japanese beans contain saponin, which gives it a natural foaming action to help remove dead skin cells. In addition, it cleanses the pores by drawing out pore clogging sebum, dirt and bacteria that can cause blemishes.
  2. . Japanese beans softens the skin, and promotes better circulation (lymph flow), giving your skin a natural and healthy glow. (This is why I always encourage everyone to massage for a few seconds before rinsing.)


Manuka Glow mask is our best selling mask after one and a half years and remains as one of Mikala’s favorite masks =)
” This is my favourite mask ever for hydration and I love how gentle the beans are on my sensitive skin.I LOVE ITTTT.” - Mikala (@skincareaholic_ )



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